Dr. Jeannie Whitman

Life Pushes and when it does, it can feel as though your world has just tilted on its axis. Stress brings with it storms: emotional, physical, relational, financial, and spiritual. When these storms come, it helps to have someone to trust with your story; someone to hold the flashlight, figurately speaking, to help you identify and clarify life values, navigate personal goals, and develop effective strategies so your energy is invested in living your best life, rather than just going through the motions.

As a clinician in private practice and published researcher, Dr. Jeannie’s specialization is helping people adjust to stressors resulting from anxiety, PTSD, depression, and traumatic loss. Her work with UTSW (Disaster and Trauma Psychiatry), Parkland Hospital, and the North Texas Dallas VA, has equipped her to successfully address the mental health needs of both Veterans and non-Veterans.

Dr. Jeannie Whitman
Dr. Jeannie tackles the obstacles that slow us down, get us off course, or significantly derail us, such as Fear, Doubt, Procrastination, and Negativity.
Dr. Jeannie Whitman would like to share Strategies for Living© to help you tackle the obstacles to finishing strong.



Life Transitions
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Call: (972) 382-6798
12820 Hillcrest Road
Suite 224
Dallas, Texas 75230

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